EW critic picks this years winners -- Jodie Foster, Oliver Stone, and Diane Ladd are critic picks for this years successes

Enough about which Oscar contenders are probably going to win. Here EW movie critic Owen Gleiberman tells us who ought to win:

*Anthony Hopkins for Best Actor: For making Hannibal Lecter the headiest, coolest, most resonant movie psycho of the modern era.
*Jodie Foster for Best Actress: I usually think she’s overrated, but this time the hypervisible workings of Foster’s mind beautifully fit the character she’s playing.
*Jack Palance for Best Supporting Actor: Grand, ominous, and slyly self-mocking, he gave City Slickers its mythical, old-movie soul.
*Diane Ladd for Best Supporting Actress: As a Southern housewife looking out for Laura Dern’s irrepressible Rose, Ladd created the most subtle and down-to-earth feminist portrait this year.
*Olive Stone for Best Director: I didn’t think he deserved his other two Oscars, but he does for JFK — a flawed yet cinematically profound evocation of how the Kennedy assassination lives inside our minds.
*The Silence of the Lambs for Best Picture: Jonathan Demme’s dark dream of a thriller — the most emotionally fluid movie experience of the year.