This doctor-in-distress drama is a marvelous cathartic — not prescribed viewing while you’re in the hospital but a great rental for anyone who’s survived it: the show-and-tell gowns, the 3 a.m. blood siphoning, and above all, the powerlessness at the hands of doctors. As Jack MacKee, the hotshot heart surgeon without a heart, William Hurt is all cocked eyebrows, dubious frowns, and smug half smiles — until a malignant tumor on his vocal cords transforms him into a lowly patient, and eventually, a human being. Punch rewind to snag the wiseass banter that slipped away in the theater. But beware this murky transfer — even the operating-room scenes look as if they’re having a power outtage — which downgrades The Doctor from a B+ to a B.