''The World According to He & She'' -- A new cartoon book looks at the differences of the sexes

The perfect male day? Lots of beer, lots of sex, lots of food, a Ferrari Testarossa. The perfect female day: waking up thin, going shopping, enjoying a candle-lit dinner. All part of a new cartoon book called The World According to He & She, an amusing retread of age-old gender stereotypes.

Glamour editor Julie Logan, who had the initial idea for the book, found collaborator Arthur Howard in her quest for a ”male-order cartoonist.” ”I put a personals ad in The Village Voice. I looked at 30 illustrators, and Arthur was number 29.” But before they could start the project, Arthur had to be indoctrinated. ”I think it’s fair to say I was more familiar with male culture than Arthur was with female culture,” Julie says, so she devised a crash course for him. ”I made Arthur go to Bloomingdale’s and visit the lingerie department,” she says. ”He was terrified.” ”It wasn’t terror, it was extreme embarrassment,” counters Arthur. ”Though pretty soon I was the only man in L.A. who could tell the difference between a basque, a bustier, and a Merry Widow.”

Over coffee at Manhattan’s Royalton Hotel, they disagree more than they agree. ”The differences between men and women? I think they’re due to a combination of culture and genes,” Arthur begins, but Julie interrupts: ”I think we’re hard-wired very differently,” she says. But they both believe the gulf between the sexes can be bridged. ”The alternative,” intones Arthur, ”is a world without the opposite sex.”