Other People's Money

Jerry Sterner’s 1989 play Other People’s Money was both a skewering and a celebration of love and money in the Reaganite boom years. Unfortunately, when Norman Jewison’s film of the play came out in recessionary 1991, there was much less to celebrate. As a result, this ode to hubba-hubba greed has been toned down — you can practically see the Scotch tape holding on a wheezy new happy ending. Enough smart bile remains to make this an engaging rental, though, and the movie’s casting even aces the play’s. Gregory Peck brings a Capraesque majesty to the beleaguered CEO of a small industrial company, and maybe it’s time to admit that Danny DeVito has become more than just a great comic actor. When his runty, ruthless takeover artist Larry ”the Liquidator” finally leans up and kisses the opposition lawyer played by Penelope Ann Miller, the moment is played for genuine romance instead of laughs — and it works. B

Other People's Money
  • Movie
  • 103 minutes