The 15 hottest topics the week of: March 20, 1992

1. The Sexiest Man Alive
It would have been a unanimous decision for Nick Nolte, but Streisand voted for herself again. 2. The Powers That Be
NBC’s refreshingly brutal sitcom full of sycophants and strivers. The big surprise — it’s set in Washington, not Hollywood.

3. Cosby Finis
It had to go off the air. Dr. Huxtable wanted to scream at the children.

4. St. Patrick’s Day
Such a festive occasion. Even the pipe bombs are painted green.

5. Farm Aid V
One good turn deserves another — the IRS should take the money raised off Willie Nelson’s tab.

6. Woody Allen
It was a tough choice for him — to make Shadows and Fog or Woody’s World.

7. The Swimsuit Issue
It would make more sense if they knew how to swim.

8. Richard Branson
He sold Virgin Music for almost a billion dollars and he’s only 41. But is he happy?

9. Basic Instinct Boycott
I wouldn’t want to see a movie about an ice-pick-wielding heterosexual serial killer, either.

10. Nea Grants
Did my Medicare cover those who had heart attacks when they heard a gay filmmaker got their grants?

11. The Lawnmower Man
Stephen King needs to get out of the house more often. Terror isn’t virtual reality; it’s a visit to the 7-Eleven.

12. ”Old Joe” Camel Ads
Why can’t R.J. Reynolds use healthy, nonsmoking mountain climbers like everyone else?

13. Rodney King Trial
Ah, the old ”but-we-didn’t-hit-him-in-the-head” defense. And they wonder why people hate lawyers.

14. Gershwin’s Crazy For You
I laughed, I cried, I wondered if you have to be dead to have a hit on Broadway.

15. Shakes The Clown
Written and directed by Bobcat Goldthwait. Winner of the Police Academy Award.