Fire and Ice

Being a guitar hero has never been enough for Yngwie Malmsteen: He has forged a decade-long career as a guitar maestro, combining elements of classical music with hard rock. Although Malmsteen’s often baroque style of playing has been a strong influence on metal, ultimately the two musical forms can’t successfully be combined. Fire and Ice exhibits a frustrating double personality. Tunes like the title track and ”Cry No More” seesaw between elaborate orchestration, with the guitar as the main focal point, and cheesy Top 40 rock with intrusive vocals. The grandeur of other compositions, most notably ”Dragonfly” and ”Leviathan,” make it obvious that Malmsteen’s heart is clearly with Johann Sebastian Bach, not with the Sebastian Bach who fronts Skid Row. Perhaps Malmsteen would be better off trying to revolutionize classical music instead of wasting his noble efforts on the crassness of rock & roll. B

Fire and Ice
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