Cartoon imports from Japan -- Anime is slowly making its way to our shore

They haven’t got any cuddly animals — in fact, there’s nothing warm and fuzzy about them. But that isn’t stopping Japanese anime cartoons from becoming hot video imports. Anime (pronounced ”Annie May”) has its roots in the popular serialized comic books (manga) that sprouted post-Hiroshima. Bizarre sci-fi fantasies — none weirder than Project A-Ko, a raging interplanetary cat fight — dominate the genre. But it also embraces soap opera and even sex-happy ”love comedies.” First introduced to Americans through comic-book stores, anime is just beginning to slip into the video mainstream. Tower Video stores have ordered nearly 3,000 anime tapes in the last six months. Move over, Itchy and Scratchy — this stuff makes you look like Tigger and Pooh.