''Wayne's World'' reviews -- What critics had to say about the ''SNL'' film

In the beginning it was just a word. Then, for a while, it was funny, the negation thing. And apparently contagious: ”…Not!” became the most overused tag line to water-cooler conversations everywhere. Now the release of Wayne’s World the movie has sent critics into blue streaks of Waynespeak too. Below, a sampling of headlines and reviews that tried courageously to resist the trend…Not! Try not to hurl.

The Toronto Star
”Good idea for a movie — Not.”

The Los Angeles Times
Wayne’s World: Awesome…NOT!

New York Newsday
”Wayne’s World Is Excellent — Not.”

The Star Tribune

Wayne’s World is a surefire Oscar-winner and is destined to become a Hollywood classic…Not!”

The Washington Post
Wayne’s World is a truly excellent movie that pursues the deepest impulses of man in a dehumanized world…Not!!!!”

”The Competition Relishes Wayne — Not!”

Good Morning America
Wayne’s World is a towering achievement, a powerful drama, perhaps the greatest American film since Citizen Kane — Not.”

”Wayne Campbell, star of Wayne’s World, is a mush-minded dweeb whose success prefigures the collapse of civilization…Not!”

The Village Voice

Wayne's World
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