”I’m Too Sexy,” the hooky, annoying, and utterly campy No. 1 single that took a poke at the vanities of beautiful people, turned its title into a new national catchphrase. But the fun doesn’t stop there — on their debut album, Up, Right Said Fred (an electronic disco outfit headed by two bodybuilding brothers) has relentless hooks, more goofy catchphrases, and camp sensibility coming out of its ears. ”No-one on Earth” is light-headed sing-along at its giddiest; ”Do Ya Feel” gets its motivation from dramatic chanting and grouchy horns before closing out with the gawky sentiment: ”Fight it all you want, it’s a love machine.” Later, RSF confesses to feeling ”Deeply Dippy” about the way you walk, though the tune itself would be better suited to a chorus line of female impersonators. If Martians tried to approximate Earth music by channeling frivolous Top 40 like ABBA’s, overwrought cabaret like Liza Minnelli’s, and smart disco like the Pet Shop Boys’, the result might sound like Up. How all this would go over on Mars is hard to say; down here, it’s good-bad disposable pop. B-

  • Movie
  • 90 minutes