Kimberly Williams' looks familiar -- The ''Father of the Bride'' actress also shows up in the new AT&T Calling Card ads

Those who have caught Kimberly Williams’ charm turn as Steve Martin’s daughter in Disney’s sleeper smash Father of the Bride might think they’re seeing double. Well, they are. Williams, 20, also plays the nervous bride in that new AT&T Calling Card commercial on TV. In the ad she has just agreed to marry a guy named Ted and is preparing to phone the news to her dad (John Roselius), who, like the movie’s Martin, is less than thrilled with her boyfriend. Young & Rubicam happened to be casting the AT&T spot when Bride opened in December, and the agency took note. But to avoid being accused of ripping off Bride by casting Williams, AT&T ”even got Disney approval beforehand,” says the company’s advertising manager, Bill Donlin. Did they consider Martin for the disgruntled dad? ”Frankly,” says Donlin, ”our budget would not have permitted that.”