It Couldn't Happen Here

The clever British pop-disco duo Pet Shop Boys made their only serious career misstep when they appeared in this fatuous, arty mess. It Couldn’t Happen Here aspires to be an Enigmatic, Surrealist Satire on the Banality of Modern Life but only gets as far as Check Out How Much I Hate My Parents, Vicars, and Greasy Spoon Restaurants. As Boys Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe wander (and occasionally lip- synch) blankly through limp, quasi-absurdist sketches, Here manages to fuse the salient qualities of several bad rock musicals: It’s as rumbling as Magical Mystery Tour, as ham-fisted as Pink Floyd: The Wall, and as indulgent as The Song Remains the Same. Director Jack Bond and cowriter James Dillon , apparently dragged someone else’s good material — uncredited — into their own bad: One scene features British actor Joss Ackland (who must have owed money to someone involved in this production) reeling off about a dozen one-liners that seem lifted straight from Steven Wright. D-

It Couldn't Happen Here
  • Movie
  • 86 minutes