Studio execs change the teaser campaign for the sequel

Warner Bros. has done a fast flip-flop on its Batman Returns logo art and abruptly yanked it from public view. The image, which was part of Warner’s teaser campaign, was a simple black detail picked up from the bat emblem with the word ”Returns” contrasted in white on T-shirts and theatrical posters. The problem was, everyone hated it. ”It had no style whatsoever,” says one theater executive. ”I couldn’t wait to take it out of my lobby,” another exhibitor told a reporter. The studio quickly replaced it with an image almost identical with the original Batman logo, this time ornamented with snow and ice, and using the now-familiar copy line, ”The Bat, the Cat, the Penguin.” Still another ad campaign will be unveiled in early May. The sequel finally opens June 19.

Batman Returns
  • Movie
  • 126 minutes