A Vulgar Display of Power

Pantera’s second major-label album is undoubtedly one of the most satisfying heavy-metal records since Metallica’s early-’80s cult days. A Vulgar Display of Power is exactly what the title promises — 11 caustic songs of unabashed brute force, from the full-frontal attack of ”Mouth for War” to the psychotic riffing and pounding rhythms of ”Live in a Hole.” But this Texas-based quartet is about much more than macho metal posturing — on ”This Love” and the sad but pretty ”Hollow,” their tough edge slashes painfully through deep introspection about personal relationships. For pure exhilaration and release, there’s a song called ”F—ing Hostile,” which also contains a catchy, slamdanceable chorus. With high energy and hip underground influences — from cult metal outfits like Sheer Terror and Helmet — A Vulgar Display of Power is a fully realized album that goes way beyond metal’s usual crunch-and-burn. A

A Vulgar Display of Power
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