''Sports Illustrated'' swimsuit issue -- How the video of the issue stacks up

This year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition hits newsstands on March 4, and as if that’s somehow not enough, HBO has produced a 57-minute, um, documentary — Behind the Scenes: The Official Swimsuit Video. The last five minutes were cut from our copy to avoid giving away the issue’s cover model; here’s what we noted in the first 52 minutes.

Number of models: 11
Number of models with no apparent last name: 2
Number of days it took to shoot 38-page layout: 44
Number of different bikinis shown: 27
Number of different tank suits shown: 44
Number of times photographer calls Ashley Montana ”babe”: 2
Number of times Montana has a headache: 2
Number of bad jokes told by models: 2
Number of models licking a hand-shaped popsicle with one long digit: 1
Number of models who wanted to be a pediatrician: 1