Saturday Night Live-Wayne's World

Wayneheads beware: The most ”special” aspect of Saturday Night Live — Wayne’s World is the timeliness of its attempt to capitalize on the popularity of the Wayne’s World movie. What it offers is 23 minutes of old ”Wayne’s World” segments hidden among 72 minutes of other sketches from three Saturday Night Live telecasts from the past couple of seasons. But while the title reeks of rip-off, Wayne and Garth’s fans probably won’t be disappointed: Here they’ll find the longest ”Wayne’s World” ever (a nine-minute-plus visit from Aerosmith), one of the earliest (Wayne and Garth bring on Wayne Gretzky and introduce the concept of Babe-alon), and perhaps the funniest (Wayne’s memorable ”Justify My Love” dream sequence with Madonna). B-

Saturday Night Live-Wayne's World
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