When last seen in the first Night Eyes (1990’s erotic thriller about the exploits of a hapless surveillance expert), Will Griffith (Andrew Stevens) had become intimately involved with the seductive schemer he was supposed to be spying on. In Night Eyes 2, he has fallen for a foreign consul’s wife (Shannon Tweed) while protecting her from terrorists. The formula here is as firmly established as the lead character’s taste in women. But until its farfetched finale, this sequel actually outperforms the original. It is tauter, slicker, steamier.

Night Eyes 2 has been released two ways: There’s an R-rated version that cuts away from key clinches before they can get out of hand and an unrated version that turns the same love scenes into lingering soft-core encounters. Neither is altogether satisfying. Both tapes: C

Night Eyes 2
  • Movie
  • 97 minutes