The Thing From Another World

Halfway through this taut living-vegetable- on-the-loose thriller, nobody wants time out for extended repartee between the Air Force commander hero and his tough-cookie girlfriend. So reasoned the studio powers who years ago cut some six minutes of scenes from existing prints of The Thing, sequences missing in Turner’s cassette versions and restored for this disc. But the newly added scenes are full of talk keyed to the favorite theme of Thing‘s producer and de facto director, Howard Hawks: a woman crashing the camaraderie of a team of professional men. The horror-flick trappings still jolt, especially in a scene in which the creature is set aflame; thanks to the disc’s CAV format (on one side), you can savor it in perfect slow motion, as well as read the story the movie was based on. Yet the strongest flush of pleasure comes in seeing the lead characters the way Hawks intended, testing their courage, their affections, and their morality both under fire and at ease. A-

The Thing From Another World
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