By Steve Simels
Updated February 28, 1992 at 05:00 AM EST

Ho hum: Suburban Commando is another alien-hero-hides-from-bad-guys-in-a- quiet-American-town E.T. derivation, this time starring the human action figure Hulk Hogan. To his credit, the Hulkster has an impressive repertoire of facial grimaces and reads his lines at least as well as slumming costar Christopher Lloyd. But beyond Hogan’s mugging to the camera, little of this often postponed, low-grossing release lingers in the mind, except the sillied-up- for-children sex and violence (lots of explosions and fights, but nobody gets killed or maimed) peculiar to the genre, plus the obligatory special effects, which here look as if they were done by Industrial Plumbing and Hardware. C+