Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't on Sean Young, soundtracks, and notable rock star film roles

Mail from our readers

  • Sean Young
  • Bravo for your cover story on Sean Young (#104 Feb. 7). Your interview was very enlightening and for once I can cast aside her negative press and read about her true qualities in a positive light. Her so-called ”anarchic spirit” merely contributes to her edginess, and yet she retains an aura of femininity that few of today’s actresses possess.
  • David Dotson
  • Columbus, Ohio

Tim Burton made a big mistake in not casting Sean Young as Catwoman in Batman Returns. Not only is she a beautiful and talented actress, but her unpredictability makes her perfect for the role. After all, Catwoman isn’t exactly supposed to be an angel…is she?
Michael S. Richards
New Lenox, Ill.

I think your magazine is first-rate. Why on earth are you showcasing a second-rate actress like Sean Young?
Chris Conners
Newport, R.I.

Would someone please do a film costarring Sean Young and Kim Basinger (maybe Rebels Without a Pause)? That way, we could avoid only one movie instead of two.
Stephen Kirchner
San Francisco

Your picture of Sean Young gesturing with her middle fingers is a classic. I have framed it and hung it on my wall.
Marlene Eckhardt
Capitola, Calif.

Gee, Sean, I have misunderstood you all these years. Your charming pose by the bridge shows what a gentle, sensitive gal you are. Yuck!
Teresa Alden Fasola
San Andreas, Calif.

Movie Music
Ty Burr’s list of best soundtracks should have mentioned RCA’s film-music series by Charles Gerhardt and the National Philharmonic Orchestra, now available on CD in Dolby Surround sound. This series presents some of the best background film music written by the best in the industry, including Steiner, Korngold, Newman, Waxman, and Herrmann, with dazzling sound. And let’s not forget Victor Young’s Around the World in 80 Days film score.
Stewart F. Gooderman
San Francisco

Reel Rockers
I was quite disappointed with your ”Rock & Role!” feature. Too many notable rock star film roles were excluded: Roger Daltrey (McVicar), Bobby Darin (Pressure Point), Fabian (Ride the Wild Surf), Connie Francis (Where the Boys Are), Cyndi Lauper (Vibes), John Lennon (How I Won the War), Ricky Nelson (Rio Bravo), Cliff Richard (Expresso Bongo, The Young Ones), Jimmie Rodgers (The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come, Back Door to Hell), Ringo Starr (Blindman, That’ll be the Day, Caveman), and Dennis Wilson (Two Lane Blacktop).

Overall, it seemed you were much more concerned with generating cheap laughs than really evaluating just how good rock stars have been in the movies.
Ronald R. Lavallee Jr.
Nashua, N.H.