Logos on-screen -- Get used to seeing logos on the bottom right hand corner of your television

If you’ve noticed the abundance of network, television-show, and company logos, from CNN to KFC, sprouting in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen lately, get used to them — they’ll soon be stickered onto just about everything. Cable News Network has had its logo in the corner for a good five years, but when it scooped the other networks on last year’s gulf war coverage, that little signer took on extra importance — especially when the network affiliates started clamoring to use CNN’s copyrighted footage.

Soon after, CBS affixed its eye to the Evening News and NBC gave more show time to its peacock on the Nightly News. Even advertisers like KFC (whose spots sport the fried-chicken maker’s slanted, translucent initials) have made a sudden rush for the corner in their commercials. And logos have already begun stacking up: When NBC Nightly News used footage from the Feb. 16 broadcast of Meet the Press, it super-imposed its colorfully plumed peacock logo over itself.