Coming soon: Animated movies -- ''Ferngully,'' ''Bebe's Kids,'' and ''Cool World'' are some of the films slated to hit the big screen

The enormous success of such animated features as The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast has made big-budget cartoons for audiences of all ages seem like a sure thing at the box office. Today almost every major studio has at least one animated feature on the drawing board. Here’s a sample of what’s to come:

A Don Bluth (An American Tail) film about a rooster that becomes a singing sensation known as ”The King.” Glen Campbell provides the crooning (Samuel Goldwyn, April 3).

Ferngully: The Last Rainforest
A modern musical myth about a rain forest and its elfin inhabitants. Celebrity voices include Robin Williams and Christian Slater (Twentieth Century Fox, April 10).

Bebe’s Kids
The Hudlin brothers (House Party) are behind this comedy about a group of irrepressible inner-city kids. Based on characters created by late comedian Robin Harris (Paramount, summer ’92).

Cool World
Ralph Bakshi’s latest mixes live action with animation. A cartoonist (Gabriel Byrne) finds himself inside the two-dimensional world he’s created. Voices include Kim Basinger and Brad Pitt (Paramount, summer ’92).

We’re Back
A story about contemporary dinosaurs in New York City. The stellar cast of voices includes: Walter Cronkite, John Goodman, Jay Leno, and Martin Short (Universal, fall ’92).

The last collaboration of the musical team of Alan Menken and the late Howard Ashman (Walt Disney, fall ’92).