Wayne's World: Extreme Close-up

”My philosophy of life can be summed up in four words,” writes suburban metal-head Wayne Campbell in Wayne’s World: Extreme Close-Up, a semiliterary companion to the Saturday Night Live sketch (and forthcoming movie) Wayne’s World. ”Babes, Parties, Brew, and Tunes.” Okay, so maybe ”philosophy of life” is putting it a bit strongly, especially since readers could probably polish off Extreme Close-Up‘s 96 padded pages during SNL‘s commercial breaks. But filler aside, Close-Up is surprisingly true to Wayne’s World‘s ironic, clowning, smarter-than-it-looks spirit. There’s transatlantic cultural criticism (”Gerard Depardieu,” says Wayne, ”looks like something I ate and dropped”), poetry (”I hate you haiku/ You are too hard/To do”), and even a daily affirmation: ”I am not a tool.” Coauthors Myers (Wayne himself) and Ruzan (Myers’ live-in girlfriend) also include a contemplative list of the ”Top Ten Female Cartoon Characters We’d All Like to Have Sex With,” headed by Wayne love object Betty Rubble. On second thought, maybe ”philosophy of life” isn’t so far off. B

Wayne's World: Extreme Close-up
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