Trust (Movie)

Trust, a raw but smart low-budget movie about two young people trying to connect in mall country is one weird romantic comedy that might just become a cult favorite on video. During the opening credits, 17-year-old Maria gives her father a fatal heart attack when she tells him she’s pregnant. Ejected from the house by her mother, she meets the dark, cynical Matthew, an older guy who carries a hand grenade in his coat pocket (because ”you never know”) and can’t stomach his abusive father. You’ll want to replay some of writer-director Hal Hartley’s fast and funny dialogue, which is tinged with a knowingly neurotic Woody Allen quality and comes at you with a David Mamet-style deadpan staccato delivery. Trust thoughtfully travels the high road when it comes to things like sex and violence and dares to take a darkly amusing look at consequences rather than wallowing in the acts themselves. A-

Trust (Movie)
  • Movie
  • 106 minutes