By Janiss Garza
Updated February 14, 1992 at 05:00 AM EST

With the brute force of its punk-influenced, three-chord attack, Motorpsycho fiercely shatters the stereotypical image of Los Angeles’ pretty-boy biker rock, personified by bands such as L.A. Guns. Motorpsycho doesn’t merely play at being a seedy, beer-guzzling bar band; frenzied, down ‘n’ dirty tunes like ”Scarred for Life” and ”No Hope” suggest that these guys actually live the rock & roll life. But what makes Wrenched a special debut album is that in addition to its street-smart honesty, there’s also some depth. The Replacements-like ”Don’t Wait” is an unsparing dissection of emotional pain, and the brooding ”Gonna Die” shows that aside from all their macho posturing, these guys aren’t above crying over a woman. Such a bald display of sensitivity is the sign of a real man, and other swaggering, guitar-slinging hard-rockers should take note. B