Stars in animation -- A humorous look at celebrities and the cartoon films they could be in

By Steve Daly
February 14, 1992 at 05:00 AM EST

Fading Hollywood stars have found work as cartoon characters for decades: In the ’60s, Judy Garland became a crooning cat in Gay Purr-ee and Phil Harris was Baloo the bear in Disney’s The Jungle Book. But with animation’s new renaissance on video, the phenomenon could really accelerate. Rodney Dangerfield makes a natural bassett hound in Rover Dangerfield, so why not…

Sly Stallone
As a pacifist bull in Rambo: First Cud

Andrew Dice
Clay as a stand-up parasite in Lice Rules

Rosanna Arquette
as a love-starved Soho mouse in Desperately Seeking Jarlsberg

Brooke Shields
As a hot-rodding deer paralyzed by her own headlights in Bimbi

Julie Andrews
As a pelican with an appetite for singing, dancing seafood in Starfish!

Dolly Parton
As a plucky barnyard madam in The Best Little Henhouse in Texas

John Travolta
As a jackrabbit who dances his way out of a coat maker’s clutches in Saturday Night Furrier