February 14, 1992 at 05:00 AM EST

As Any Hitchcock fan will tell you, Final Analysis bears a striking resemblance to 1958’s Vertigo, from its abstract opening-credit sequence to its San Francisco setting to its dizzying denouement. But the thriller also bears less intentional similarities to a handful of other films. Indeed, almost every character seems to have wandered in out of another movie. For instance:

Dr. Isaac Baar (Richard Gere)
Role Model: Dr. Susan Lowenstein (Barbra Streisand), 1991’s The Prince of Tides.
Resemblance: A psychiatrist who falls in love with the sibling of a depressed patient after meeting with them to unravel their family’s abuse-ridden past.

Heather Evans (Kim Basinger)
Role Model: Nadia Gates (Kim Basinger), 1987’s Blind Date.
Resemblance: A seemingly sane woman who loses control of herself if she has even the slightest bit of alcohol.

Jimmy Evans (Eric Roberts)
Role Model: Paul Snider (Eric Roberts), 1983’s Star 80.
Resemblance: A sleazy, narcissistic, pathologically jealous husband who dies of a severe head wound.

Detective Huggins (Keith David)
Role Model: Detective Oscar Grace (J.A. Preston), 1981’s Body Heat.
Resemblance: A dogged black cop who is convinced that a scheming wife has duped her lover into killing her husband as part of an inheritance scam.

Mike O’Brien (Paul Guilfoyle)
Role Model: Philip Stuckey (Jason Alexander), 1990’s Pretty Woman.
Resemblance: Gere’s best pal: a runty, balding, unscrupulous lawyer who lusts after Gere’s girlfriend.

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Phil Joanou
Phil Joanou,
Keith David,
Eric Roberts
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