Solo Para Ti

Santa Fe guitarist Ottmar Liebert’s first album, Nouveau Flamenco, sat on top of the New Age chart for a whopping 18 weeks in 1989-90: not bad for a guy whose style (which he also calls nouveau flamenco) is only remotely New Age to begin with. But as Solo Para Ti, his fourth album, demonstrates, there’s really no other category for him. Backed by his band, Luna Negra, he blends traditional flamenco with samba, jazz fusion, pop, and various world beats and comes up with a new form of laid-back lifestyle music — sort of a flamenco lite — that’s as chic and arty as Santa Fe itself. Just listening to it makes you feel as if you’re tall, blond, tan, and driving a Jeep — rich but…aware, you know? God, no wonder he’s selling so many albums. B-

Solo Para Ti
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