Fascinating off-the-field football stats -- A run down of things that happened when the Super Bowl wasn't going on

Let’s not discuss the excitement quotient of Super Bowl XXVI. Probably the most interesting thing that happened was John Madden calling Buffalo Bills tackle Howard Ballard ”the biggest non-fat guy I have ever seen.” But here, for the record, are some fascinating off-the-field stats:

Time elapsed to watch a one-hour game: 4 hours, 6 minutes
Number of tubes of hair gel on national anthem singer Harry Connick Jr.: At least 3
Number of cheerleader shots: 4
Number of commercials during the game: 65
Number of beer commercials: 5
Number of antidrinking commercials: 3
Number of promos for other CBS shows: 26
Number of shots from the tethered blimp: 7
Number of times Madden used the word ”tethered” to describe the blimp: 7