A One of a Kind Love Affair

It has taken 15 years and countless rap-record samples for obstinate discophobes like me to recognize what true soul fans have always known: that the great black vocal groups of the ’70s were no less great for using a clichéd dance beat. Hearing the Spinners now in A One of a Kind Love Affair, it’s painfully obvious how incidental a dance beat is to their magnificent delivery of American pop standards like ”Mighty Love,” ”I’ll Be Around,” and ”Could It Be I’m Falling in Love.” With detailed annotation and historical liner notes, this excellent two-disc compilation of hits, album cuts, and rarities treats the Spinners’ oeuvre with all the care and respect it deserves. The combination of rich voices, uplifting lyrics, and lush production makes these songs a lasting, soul-satisfying pleasure. A

A One of a Kind Love Affair
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