The latest video games -- ''Art Alive!,'' ''Final Fight,'' and ''The Simpsons: Bart Vs. the World'' are some of the games reviewed

The latest video games

So, you’ve already played out the Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario World that you got for Christmas, and you’re poised for more action. Or maybe you’re ready for a change of pace: a game that got lost among the seasonal blockbusters, the video-game equivalent of the small, independent film. Here’s a brief post-holiday guide.

For Sega Genesis
Art Alive!
More of a toy than a game, Sega’s draw-and-paint program is pretty colorless compared with what you can accomplish on some mid-range personal computers, but it’s still a welcome alternative to those burnt out on mindless shoot-’em-ups. C+

Joe Montana II Sports Talk Football
The gimmick here is the real-time, voice-over commentary, but the challenge is the playbook, a daunting melange of X’s and O’s that could leave even a network color man speechless. B

Quackshot Starring Donald Duck
What does this action game have in common with classic 1950s Disney cartoons? The completely deranged hero. During the Donald’s ”quack attacks,” the feathers practically fly off the screen and into your lap. A

For Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Final Fight
This bright, fast-moving kick-and-punch game would have been terrific but for one terminally racist detail: As the male Caucasian hero, you square off against dark-skinned thugs. C-

Welcome to flying school, where you learn to pilot hang gliders, navigate a biplane, and handle a strap-on rocket pack. A tough course but well worth the tuition. B+

Super Castlevania IV
Vampire noir: dark, earthy colors; ominous, almost subliminal sound effects — and when your hero swings from chandeliers or dispatches monsters with his iron flail, a spine-tingling sense of impending doom. A+

For Nintendo Entertainment System
The Fantastic Adventure of Dizzy
Too-cute-for-words Dizzy (an anthropomorphized egg) needs your help to traverse his puzzle-filled kingdom. This game makes you expend IQ points, and the music is funky. A-

The Simpsons: Bart Vs. the World
A nice multicultural touch — at one point in this travel-action game, Bart skateboards down China’s Great Wall — puts this a notch above Acclaim’s other Simpsons games, if not up to the standards of the irrepressibly subversive TV show. B