Cirque Du Soleil: We Reinvent the Circus

Like the old Ed Sullivan Show, video can present sensational specialty acts that wouldn’t otherwise stand a chance of airing on the small screen. Ed would have loved Cirque du Soleil, a 25-member Canadian troupe that aspires to ”reinvent the circus.” In this hour-long video, Cirque Du Soleil: We Reinvent the Circus, le Cirque spotlights a big-top assortment of aerialists, clowns, wire walkers, and balancing acts, with a significant Gaelic difference. These deft acts have more in common with Balanchine than Barnum, as performers execute stupendous feats with balletic flair and a ringside ensemble provides woodwind-and-percussion instrumentation. This is don’t-miss entertainment for all ages. B+

Cirque Du Soleil: We Reinvent the Circus
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