Pale Blood

Someone is killing young women on the kinky side of L.A. — and it looks as if he’s a vampire, judging from the bite marks on the bloodless corpses. That’s the familiar starting point for the straight-to-video thriller Pale Blood, from director VV Dachin Hsu. But from there, the mazelike plot takes some surprising turns. Among the characters who might not be what they seem: a shady European (George Chakiris) who is obsessed with the case, a pretty private eye (Pamela Ludwig) who collects vampire lore, and a crackpot video artist (Wings Hauser) conducting his own private vampire crusade. The filmmakers aren’t always skillful at revealing the hidden agendas; often, they merely stir up murk where there should have been mystery. But they’ve saved their best shocks for their bloody finale, delivering a film that, for all its flaws, actually does something new with the vampire genre. B-

Pale Blood
  • Movie
  • 93 minutes