EW's publisher talks about recycling

The hope of all environmentally conscious people is that the man-made cycle now taking so much from our planet will ultimately be unbroken — that every effort will be made to protect and replenish our dwindling resources, that optimum use will be made of the products we harvest, and that we’ll create a cycle that allows us to give back to the earth even as we enjoy her bounty.

The Entertainment Weekly you hold in your hands heralds our latest commitment to saving the environment. With this issue, Entertainment Weekly becomes the first major magazine to convert to recycled paper.

The paper we will be using from now on for our covers, inside pages, and insert cards is 50 percent recycled stock — the best available through current technology. It’s made by combining paper that American households and businesses have thrown out (10 percent), paper-mill waste (40 percent), and virgin pulp fibers. The result is an excellent paper that offers the same outstanding print quality readers and advertisers have come to expect from Entertainment Weekly.

This is a beginning. First and foremost, our conversion to recycled stock will help reduce the amount of waste paper deposited annually in U.S. landfills. But we also believe Entertainment Weekly‘s investment will help to stimulate demand for the use of more recycled paper, continued improvement of recycling technology, and greater environmental awareness.

Who knows? At some point in the future, the cycle may indeed be unbroken. And then the magazine you read today may also be the magazine you read tomorrow. Let’s hope so.