Everybody Knows (1996 album)

In the world of Prairie Oyster, the stars above are little more than throbbing neon beer signs, the ground below a soft sawdust dance floor. An accomplished country dance band, this Toronto sextet knows the appeal of a soft-chugging shuffle (”Will I Do (Till the Right Thing Comes Along),” ”Here’s to You”), and the emotional release of a pounding piano (”Everybody Knows”). Led by bassist Russell deCarle, who handles the vocals with almost as much flair as Western-swing legend Tommy Duncan, Everybody Knows also includes an old-fashioned, Carter Family-style love ballad (”Did You Fall in Love With Me”) and a funny song (”I Think That We Did Something”) about a couple who gets so drunk on the dance floor that they forget whether they did anything they ought to regret. Prairie Oyster is a little too restrained, but if they ever recover from that reserve, we’ll be cutting a new path across the border. B

Everybody Knows (1996 album)
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