Follow For Now

At the beginning of a song called ”6’s And 7’s,” one of Follow For Now’s two guitarists zooms in with a little stuttering, fuzzy rhythm, and right before the bassist and drummer jump in to crank up the funk someone yells, ”I like it, I like it.” For the most part, the band successfully re-creates this spontaneity throughout Follow For Now, its debut album; they sound loose and confident, as if we’re eavesdropping on some crazed garage jam session. They cast their musical net pretty wide, too. On ”Fire ‘N Snakes,” vocalist David Harris remodels Mt. Rushmore to feature his founding fathers — James Brown, Chuck Berry, Charlie Parker, and Miles Davis, though for my money, the members of the band must have also spent time with their Jimi Hendrix and George Clinton records. They even offer a spicy version of Public Enemy’s anti-TV tirade, ”She Watch Channel Zero.” Sure, there are fleeting moments — particularly on ”Ms. Fortune” (misfortune, get it?) — who gets blasted for a myriad of offenses, including not digging punk, funk, or Hendrix — when they don’t cut loose on wax as they do in concert. But those lapses are too brief to prevent Follow For Now from taking flight. A-

Follow For Now
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