Ain't No Doubt About It

Real late at night, in the middle of your big party, your guests’ dancing feet seem to be running out of steam. You search frantically through your CD collection for the antidote — an album that will wipe those weary looks off their faces. And if you’re lucky, you find Ain’t No Doubt About It, the fourth release by the Orlando-based funk machine, a duo whose DJ, Magic Mike, actually gets top billing over its rapper, M.C. Madness, and for a very good reason: Magic Mike creates the type of bouncy, bassy jams that will fling your guests out of their seats and onto the dance floor. M.C. Madness gets to hang around as long as he doesn’t get in the way; he may have a nice, clear baritone delivery, but the beat’s frantic pace forces him to move faster than he probably wants to. What does he rap about? Who cares? I don’t and neither will your dancing friends. A-

Ain't No Doubt About It
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