Twisted Sisters: A Collection of Bad Girl Art

Except for Carol Lay, Phoebe Gloeckner, and Krystine Kryttre, the 14 cartoonists featured in this collection are more goofy than twisted. Mostly autobiographical, these strips — many of which originally appeared in the San Francisco-based Wimmen’s Comix — explore predictable female themes, from puberty to pesky men to domestic dramas. Lay’s plate-faced heiress who pursues a blind lover (”Face the Facts of Love”) is an entertainingly bizarre exception. And Carol Tyler gives old material a savage twist with her diagrammatic ”Anatomy of a New Mom,” in which a bloated, baggy-eyed young mother feeds her ”totally oblivious and blissed out need machine” while toting a bucket of prepartum relics. Though its overwhelmingly adolescent humor is more often silly than subversive, Twisted Sisters has a few genuine laughs. B-

Twisted Sisters: A Collection of Bad Girl Art
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