EW's managing editor talks about the "100 Project"

In less than two years, Entertainment Weekly has established a remarkable track record of being ahead and on top of what’s up and what’s down, what’s in and what’s out in the quick-change world of entertainment. But to commemorate our 100th issue, we’ve taken the long view, celebrating 100 great events that are forever up, forever in, and forever enduring in their pop-cultural importance.

Our ”100 Project” was conceived by senior editor Steven Reddicliffe, who has been responsible for many of our more notable cover stories, including our ranking of the most powerful people in entertainment and our year-end issue. ”There were so many fascinating moments that we easily could have filled an issue with 500 of them,” he says. ”Which I guess means we’re in good shape to celebrate that particular EW milestone in 1999.” Steve directed a team gracefully adept at quick change. Writers Ty Burr, Dave DiMartino, Mark Harris, Tina Jordan, Kelli Pryor, Lisa Schwarzbaum, and Ken Tucker worked from hundreds of nominations suggested by the entire staff. Senior associate editor Alison Gwinn, assisted by senior associate Anne Hurley, coordinated all aspects of the project. Researchers Bob Cannon, Bruce Fretts, and Tim Purtell made sure John Travolta really did wear his white disco suit in 1977. And assistant picture editor Stacey Pleasant culled 10,000 photos to illustrate it. This mini-history book is their entertaining achievement.