No Sweat

On Honky Tonk Heart, his 1990 debut, cowboy singer Chris Wall rolled tuneful songs, a raucous enthusiasm, and wicked humor into a notable fireball of a package. This time, with No Sweat, Wall’s cowpoke fans are less likely to sing his praises round the ol’ campfire. Despite one jaunty toe-tapper, ”Rodeo Cowboy,” which features some great lyrics (”He got his heart stomped flat like an old spare tire/In the back of his pickup truck”), Wall’s current output is mellower than before, and his sense of humor comes up drier than a trail boss’ throat. Still, there are some fine, uncomplicated musings on life and love, particularly ”Faded Blue,” ”Better Things to Do,” and ”I’ll Take the Whiskey,” a bittersweet account of an itinerant musician’s disillusioned travels. Sounds like Wall’s been thinking more, and enjoying it less. B-

No Sweat
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