A Nancy Friday sex fantasy quiz -- A game based on the author?s book ''Women on Top''

Afflicted with boring sexual fantasies? Wanna rev up your bedtime stories? Entertainment Weekly can help. Try our Nancy Friday Sex Fantasy Quiz on for size and before you can say in flagrante delicto your sexual wish list will be every bit as kinky as those dreams described by the dozens of women whose personal reports appear in Friday’s onanistic opus Women on Top.

Here’s how it works: Complete the prefab fantasy form below by simply picking from the multiple choice answers in small type — all taken from Friday’s book — and inserting your selections in the blank spaces provided. Change your name to Bootsie, Dottie, Lititia, or Gemma, and maybe Friday will include you in her next book!

I am a single
a) housewife
b) high schoolstudent
c) public-school teacher
d) survey technician
with a degree in
a) nursing
b) law
c) science
d) psychology
who attended a strict
a) Catholic school
b) Catholic school
c) Catholic school.
I’ve only slept with
a) myself
b) my dog
c) my fiance
d) foreigners,
but consider myself sexually liberated, thanks to Nancy Friday’s
a) My Secret Garden
b) Forbidden Flowers.
My favorite fantasy takes place in/on
a) my gyno’s office
b) the bathroom at the Metropolitan Opera House
c) a conveyor belt
d) a pirate ship,
where I am kidnapped by
a) an African tribe
b) a mad scientist
c) a robot
d) three men in ski masks,
who dress me in
a) crotchless black panties
b) hiking boots
c) a maid’s uniform
d) a nun’s habit,
and force me to
a) drive over the speed limit
b) garden
c) disrobe
d) act on stage at the Greek Theater in Berkeley
a) a Water Pik
b) my piano teacher
c) Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari
d) an astronaut.
I get my revenge by
a) shaving
b) scrubbing
c) tying
d) smearing
a) thighs
b) hands
c) gorilla
d) love tool
a) cherry pie filling
b) a razor
c) a whip
d) onion dip.
Afterwards we get into a tub of
a) strawberry jelly
b) Kahlua
c) baby oil
and spend the night in each other’s
a) closet
b) dining room
c) backseat
d) clothes.
I’ve never told this fantasy to anyone.