Mail from our readers -- Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't on Martin Scorsese. Anjelica Huston, and Star Trek

Mail from our readers


Three cheers to you for your excellent article on sexual harassment, and especially for naming names. The women in the music industry who are willing and eager to be portrayed as ”bimbos” make a mockery of all the feminists who claim that only men are responsible for this sort of thing, and the ”teapot gods” in executive positions at record companies give the majority of men, who treat women with courtesy and respect, a bad name. In the lower echelons of society, such men with an addiction for humiliating power over others become prime candidates for careers as rapists and serial killers. In the music industry, they get promotions.
M. Murray
Niagara Falls, Ont.

As much as I enjoyed your feature on sexual harassment in Hollywood, the only eye-opening thing about it was that there have not been more articles in the media of a similar nature. Anyone exposed to the spate of moronically sexist videos, commercials, TV shows, and movies currently available to influence and encourage a new generation of adolescent male fantasies should not be surprised to learn of the deplorable workplace behavior of the mental giants who create this trash.
Ken Anderson
Los Angeles

While reading and enjoying your cover article on sexual harassment, I came across a most interesting incongruity. On page 29 when a man is quoted a word is censored thusly: ”b—-s.” However, on the very next page a woman is quoted and the word is fully spelled out. I sincerely hope that this was an editorial/proofreading glitch and not a subtle form of sexism, given the seriousness of the topic at hand. Equality means just that.
Walter Woods
Lincoln Park, Mich.

At last, Martin Scorsese is receiving his long-overdue recognition! Simply viewing works like Taxi Driver and GoodFellas makes it obvious that his masterful camera manipulations and brilliant artistic vision truly make him ”America’s Greatest Director,” as your cover declared. Now, if only the members of the Academy will vote him the same title.
Rob Kates
Traverse City, Mich.

In ”Designed Women” you had Dolly Parton’s character in Steel Magnolias announcing, ”The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.” Actually, Olympia Dukakis’ character said that.
S. Stork Phoenix


Finally, a magazine that recognizes and features one of Hollywood’s most brilliant and unsung comediennes, Anjelica Huston, on its cover. Her talent portraying Morticia Addams is as classic as the original Addams Family. Morticia should forget Uncle Fester and move toward Oscar in March. You’ve made a subscriber out of me!
Tricia Marrapodi
Tucson, Ariz.

I object to your movie critic writing in his review of Star Trek VI that ”Yes, fans, it really is time to get a life.” This implies that fans of Star Trek don’t have any interests, or indeed, any existence beyond Star Trek. Does a stamp collector have a life beyond stamps? Certainly he does. By the same token, those who have chosen Star Trek as an interest have other things in their life besides Trek. Your reviewer should be more careful; after all, we are not what he is paid to review.
Douglas M. Griffin III
Port Washington, Wis.

I note with interest that you soon will be publishing your 100th issue. I’ve enjoyed your magazine, and it’s good to see that you’ve been able to persevere. Congratulations on reaching triple digits! Actually, I have a vested interest in rooting for your success. I picked up a few extra copies of the first issue in the hope that it would be a valuable collector’s item. So, does anybody out there wanna trade? My Entertainment Weekly 1 for your Time #1? Life #1 (from ’36, not ’78)? Or better still, I’ll trade for a Sports Illustrated #1, with the baseball-card inserts still attached.
Gary Dunaier
Flushing, N.Y.