If you’ve seen the hit Pretty Woman, you’ve seen Dying Young, except this time instead of playing a hooker hired by a rich, lonely executive, sexy Julia Roberts is a companion hired by a rich, lonely leukemia patient (Campbell Scott). She flashes her legs and falls in love on the job, though here the formula can’t compensate for the antiseptic plot.

Shot in the same glowing, golden tones director Joel Schumacher used for Flatliners, this movie is both monochromatic and monotone. Roberts and Scott emote earnestly, but sparks fail to fly between them. Scott’s dire illness conveniently disappears when there’s a social occasion or an opportunity to seduce his dewy care giver. Dying Young met an early demise in theaters; a would-be tearjerker that leaves you dry-eyed and disappointed, it probably won’t thrive on video, either. C-

Dying Young
  • Movie
  • 111 minutes