Actresses with triple monikers -- Mary-Louise Parker, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Sarah Jessica Parker make the list

Whatever happened to simple names? Names like Cher and Charo? Faster than you can say Jamie Lee Curtis a roster of three-monikered thespians has arrived, and it’s getting harder and harder to tell one long-named lass from the other. Here, some career highlights to help audiences get it straight once and for all.

Mary-Louise Parker and Mary Stuart Masterson play best friends in Fried Green Tomatoes. Parker, 26, is the brunet with the hyphen. She garnered a best-actress Tony nomination for Prelude to a Kiss and is currently Kevin Kline’s secretary in Grand Canyon. The fair-haired Masterson, 25, has a harder-edged charm. She was an appealing tomboy in Some Kind of Wonderful, a vulnerable young wife in Gardens of Stone, and she gave her baby to Glenn Close in Immediate Family.

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, 33, has got the big hair and the regal carriage. She made her film debut as Al Pacino’s sister in Scarface. Recently, she captured the courtroom in Class Action and captivated Kevin Costner in Robin Hood.

Jennifer Jason Leigh, 33, is the one with a penchant for grittier roles, such as the promiscuous teenager in 1982’s Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Since then she’s burned it up with not one, but two Baldwin brothers (Alec in Miami Blues and Billy in Backdraft), sold her body in Last Exit to Brooklyn, and is now starring as a narc-turned-junkie in Rush.

Penelope Ann Miller, 27, exudes an all-American freshness yet she can flirt with the best of them. She rippled Schwarzenegger’s muscles in Kindergarten Cop, danced with De Niro in Awakenings, and devoured doughnuts with Danny DeVito in Other People’s Money.

Sarah Jessica Parker, 26, and no relation to Mary-Louise, is a playful pixie with world-class locks. She got her start as the smart one on CBS’ Square Pegs, has played an assistant D.A. on ABC’s short-lived Equal Justice, and a ditzy distraction for Steve Martin in last year’s L.A. Story. Elly May Clampett, eat your heart out.