The year in fights -- Geraldo Rivera vs. Bette Midler and N.W.A. vs. Ice Cube were some of the years major battles

Well, we don’t have Delta Burke to kick around anymore. The Designing Women producers gave their diva the heave-ho following a yearlong snit fit. But there were plenty of fresh fights to fill the arena. Among them:

Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger vs. Disney
While shooting The Marrying Man, Premiere reported, Basinger came to rehearsals hours late, washed her hair with Evian, and asked to take an unscheduled trip to Brazil to see a psychic. Baldwin reportedly chucked ashtrays and telephones and, in Entertainment Weekly, called Disney chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg ”the eighth dwarf — Greedy.” Katzenberg called his stars ”irresponsible actors,” but he wasn’t Grumpy enough to rule out hiring them again.

Geraldo Rivera vs. Bette Midler
In his boink-and-tell memoir, Exposing Myself, Rivera called Midler sexually ”insatiable”; Midler countered (in Vanity Fair and to Barbara Walters) that he had drugged her; she described the encounter as ”interview rape.” (She gave another version to US magazine: Yeah, she slept with him, no big deal.) The talk show host said he wouldn’t sue — if Midler would shut up, already.

N.W.A vs. Ice Cube
In January, N.W.A rapper Andre Young (a.k.a. Dr. Dre) assaulted Pump It Up host Dee Barnes at a nightclub, accusing her of favoring Ice Cube on her show. Six months later, Cube dissed his former rapmates in the film Boyz N the Hood by beating up a chain snatcher whose T-shirt bore the name of group leader Eazy-E. Cube hadn’t thawed any by November, when he called for ”a bullet in (the) temple” of N.W.A’s Jewish manager, Jerry Heller, on his new album, Death Certificate.

Norman Mailer vs. John Simon
Simon dismissed Mailer’s CIA opus, Harlot’s Ghost, as a ”lumpy novel that outstays its welcome” in The New York Times Book Review; Mailer countered with a letter to the Review saying that Simon hates Mailer, hated Mailer’s daughter’s acting in Peter Brook’s The Cherry Orchard, and is ”the verbal facsimile of a chain-saw sexist.” Simon called the jibes ”beside the point.”