Stephen King, Garth Brooks, John Waters, and others tell us what they enjoyed this year

What do actors, singers, writers, directors, and novelists do in their leisure time? They check out other actors, singers, writers, directors, and novelists — and often, they like what they see (or hear, or read). We asked some of show biz’s best, brightest, and funniest to tell us what entertainment they’ll remember most from 1991. Here’s what they told us:

”Camille Paglia’s Sexual Personae, the Iron John book, and Sam Keen’s Fire in the Belly. For me, it was a year of reading and inward contemplation. I continually go back to those three books and read passages. I’m amazed at how appropriate they are for where I am now as a man.”
Kyle MacLachlan
Agent Cooper on Twin Peaks

”When Pee-wee Herman came onstage at the MTV awards and said, ‘Heard any good jokes lately?’ I thought that was brilliant. Pee-wee’s been a friend of MTV for all these years, and this was MTV’s way of standing behind him and saying, ‘Come home. We love you.’ I was very proud to be an employee of MTV that night.”
Martha Quinn

”The special effects in Terminator 2 — everything from where the guy was melting and turning into all kinds of shapes to When Arnold drove the motorcycle off the wall.”
Travis Tritt
Singer, It’s All About to Change

”The premier episode of I’ll Fly Away on NBC because it is the first really honest emotion I’ve seen on TV in 10 years.”
Stephen King
Author, Needful Things

”The highlight of 1991: In Living Color‘s version of ‘Gypsy Woman.’ The best album: Prince’s Diamonds and Pearls, the only one I bought.”
Crystal Waters
Singer, Surprise

”The Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings. It was certainly the best drama of the year. But they should have put Anita Hill on the Supreme Court — that would have been a better ending.”
Julie Salamon
Author, The Devil’s Candy

”Seeing the Gipsy Kings perform live this past summer in Atlanta — they were amazing!”
Martina Navratilova
Tennis star

”Anything on A&E or Discovery. I love documentaries about things like the lives of lions. But I’m really looking forward to the Rudolph Christmas special.”
Darren E. Burrows
Ed on Northern Exposure

”Lying in the sun, in Mougins (in France), reading the manuscript of Gay Talese’s new book, Unto the Sons, which will be out this winter.”
Nancy Friday
Author, Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women’s Sexual Fantasies

”Rereading (William) Burroughs’ book Junkie after about five years. When I first read it, I thought, ‘Okay, how cool, that’s how it is, all right.’ Now, five years later, I can only think, ‘Jesus, what was I doing to myself back then, man?”’
Nikki Sixx
Bassist and cofounder of Mötley Crüe

”The success of Boyz N the Hood. We (my brother Reginald and I) believe it demonstrates that you can make a film that is politically and culturally uncompromised and generates a broad audience: a real turning point for the black cinema movement.”
Warrington Hudlin
Producer, House Party

”Watching the World Series.”
John Grisham
Little League coach and author, The Firm

”Sean Young’s appearance on The Joan Rivers Show. For the first five minutes, I thought she actually was Catwoman.”
Brent Spiner
Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation

”Robert De Niro’s performance in Awakenings. He is a master. If I could study with anyone, it would be him.”
Ian Ziering
Steve on Beverly Hills, 90210

”One record I just keep in my truck and keep listening to over and over is Natalie Cole’s Unforgettable. It’s such a courageous record, and I just can’t get it off of my mind.”
Garth Brooks
Current country-music king, Ropin’ the Wind

”Metallica performing the song ‘Enter Sandman’ and blowing the walls out at the MTV Awards. Rock lives!”
Camille Paglia
Author, Sexual Personae

”The night TNT broadcast my favorite bad movie. It’s called Susan Slade, and it’s an extreme melodrama starring Connie Stevens and Troy Donahue. It’s not on video and it’s never shown in revival houses. The best moment was the scene where the baby catches on fire. I even took pictures of the video screen with a still camera.”
John Waters
Director, Cry-Baby

”Best nonfiction book: Den of Thieves; best studio picture: Boyz N the Hood; best documentary: Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse; best drama: When Clarence Met Anita.”
Gene Siskel
Movie critic

”Getting the new laserdisc of Sam Raimi’s Darkman.”
Anne Rice
Author, The Witching Hour

The Silence of the Lambs — I lapped that up. I thought Hopkins was terrific. So was Jodie Foster. Terminator 2 was pretty damn good as well. It made me think there’s no point in making an action film ever again.”
Martin Amis
Author, Time’s Arrow

”Watching Hudson Hawk in a mostly empty movie theater in New York on the day it opened. At the end, a big guy from New Jersey stood up and yelled, ‘I can’t believe I sat through da whole f—— thing!”’
Rita Rudner
Comedian, HBO’s Born to Be Mild

”I started worshipping Fred MacMurray in September in a really serious way. I rented The Apartment and all his old movies — trying to see what made Fred Fred. And then he died, and I’m left with all these cardigans and a pipe collection. His loss was the entertainment crisis of the year. Fred could become the next big cult figure for the ’90s. And I mean that not in a snotty way but with genuine affection.”
Douglas Coupland
Author, Generation X

”I loved Cape Fear. Not only did Robert De Niro look fabulous, but he reminded me of his performance in Taxi Driver. Plus, Scorsese’s directing was unbelievable.”
Traci Lords
Actress, A Time to Die

”The whole AIDS thing — Magic Johnson and Freddie Mercury of Queen, and what their situation did to advance awareness of the disease.”
Joe Mantegna
Actor, Homicide

The Silence of the Lambs — that was terrific. And John Lithgow was incredible in Ricochet. I also loved Defending Your Life with Meryl Streep and Albert Brooks. It was so funny — they were such a great team.”
Gabrielle Carteris
Andrea on Beverly Hills, 90210

”HBO’s outstanding documentary When It Was a Game — a visceral reminder of all the wonderful moments and personalities that made me fall in love with baseball.”
Bob Costas
Sports announcer and host of NBC’s Later

”Seeing a reel of the auditions for the male lead in Pretty Woman (which eventually went to Richard Gere). I saw Julia Roberts do the scene where he picks her up in the beginning with Armand Assante and Willem Dafoe. It was hysterical. Willem Dafoe was like a scary guy picking up a prostitute — I don’t think he got it. Believe me, it would’ve been a whole different movie.”
Kathy Najimy
Half of the Kathy and Mo comedy duo and costar of the upcoming film Sister Act

”My favorite concert was Ozzy Osbourne in L.A. on Nov. 18. Ozzy’s the godfather of heavy metal. I was hangin’ with Guns N’ Roses, Mötley Crüe, and Billy Idol, and we ended up in the wrong seats, so this security guard put Vince Neil (Mötley Crüe’s lead singer) in a headlock. It was great.”
Pauly Shore

”Stephen King’s Needful Things. I’m a sucker for him. He’s got such an understanding of kids and remembers childhood feelings with such clarity that it’s unbelievable — not to mention psychologically valid.”
Joyce Brothers
Psychologist and author, Widowhood

”Getting work during the Great Hollywood Recession of 1991 was wonderful. In fact, put down this magazine and go see a Christmas movie. Please.”
Robert Harling
Screenwriter, Soapdish

”Having fake sex with Jamie Lee Curtis in front of 30 million people.”
Richard Lewis
Marty on Anything But Love

”Reading Julia Phillips’ book, You’ll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again. I carried it around for weeks and laughed my ass off. I used to work in Hollywood as a screenwriter, so I knew lots of the people she was writing about.”
Sue Grafton
Author, H Is for Homicide

”The scene in Terminator 2 where the deranged, sweaty hospital orderly leans over Linda Hamilton, licks her entire face, and she doesn’t even flinch. Now how is that possible?”
Paul Reiser
Comedian, Showtime’s 3 1/2 Blocks From Home

”Seeing Stacy Keach in Richard III here in Washington. He’s an amazing actor, very powerful They really got the play: the satire, the humor, the horror.”
Sally Quinn
Author, Happy Endings

”The Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill hearings. A fascinating and baffling adventure in human nature that left me convinced both people were telling the absolute truth.”
Roger Ebert
Movie critic

”Stephen Sondheim’s Assassins, Too Much Joy’s Cereal Killers, and Bret Easton Ellis’ American Psycho — not that I’m obsessed or anything.”
Penn Jillette

Ray: The Clarence Thomas Show.
Tom: Yeah. Award-winning performances. There were times when I almost forgot the guy was acting!
Tom and Ray Magliozzi
Hosts of NPR’s ”Car Talk”