Letter from the editor -- EW's managing editor talks about the magazine's success and some cover stories during 1991

Letter from the editor

Like many large magazines, Entertainment Weekly has its headquarters in Manhattan — but its heart, much of the time, is in L.A. Making sure the beat goes on is the mission of our Los Angeles bureau, whose growth this year matched the magazine’s own.

Despite a prolonged recession, EW‘s ad pages were up 15 percent and its circulation grew an astounding 60 percent to more than 700,000 copies. Our seven-person L.A. office has contributed mightily to that success. Led by bureau chief Cable Neuhaus (formerly editor of TV Entertainment magazine), the bureau covers the entertainment industry with depth, wit, and objectivity. This year, its reputation for plain dealing was so firmly established that when Julia Roberts broke her public silence, she chose EW as the exclusive forum.

Neuhaus oversees a cadre of senior writers — Alan Carter, Dave DiMartino, Margot Dougherty, and Gregg Kilday-whose 1991 assignments included profiles of Bette Midler, Anjelica Huston, and Linda Hamilton, a visit to the Dynasty reunion, and a road trip with the Irish movie-rockers the Commitments. The 1991 Fall TV Preview and ”Power 101” issues would have been inconceivable without them — and without the daily contributions of assistant picture editor Polly Matthews and operations manager Carole Willcocks. ”A magazine bureau operates most effectively if the chief nurtures a sense of purpose and family,” says Neuhaus. ”I think we have established that spirit.” The entertainment industry seems to agree. More important, so do we — and so do our readers.

James W. Seymore Jr., Managing Editor