The dating show trend -- ''Studs,'' ''Night Games,'' and ''Personals'' all hit the air this year

Hi there. Can I buy you a drink? No? (Hmm — better try another tack…) Have you noticed the new dating shows on TV this year? No, really, I swear this is not a pickup line. You practically need a chart-like the one below-to keep track of them all. Are you sure you wouldn’t like a drink? A Fresca, maybe?

Fox’s Studs

Host: Mark DeCarlo: More perky than smirky.
How the Show Works: Two bachelors date three women, then try to match the women’s quotes to their, er, faces.
Typical Contestant Wardrobe: Unstructured sport coats, sockless loafers; thigh-high boots, microminis.
Typical Question: ”What did you first notice about his looks?”
Typical Answer: ”His butt looks just like a fuzzy peach.”
Typical Prizes: Studs picks up the tab for a dream date-up to $500.
Raunch Rating: Somewhere between Saturday Night Live and Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!

CBS’ Night Games

Host: Jeff Marder: Quayle look-alike with a pseudo-hip sneer
How the Show Works: Contestants answer questions and perform stunts (sexy bubble-gum chewing), then give grades on ”honesty” and ”sensuality.”
Typical Contestant Wardrobe: Ripped jeans, leather jackets; skintight glitter dresses.
Typical Question: ”Have you ever had an encounter with a man out of pity?”
Typical Answer: Female contestant: ”Does it have to be with a man?”
Typical Prizes: A romantic candlelight dinner.
Raunch Rating: Could have a theme song by 2 Live Crew

CBS’ Personals

Host: Michael Berger: Part Pat Sajak, part Howard Stern
How the Show Works: A contestant describes the perfect mate, and the show scans the personal ads for perfect matches.
Typical Contestant Wardrobe: Pin-striped suits and sport jackets; linen suits, knee-length dresses.
Typical Question: Fill in the blank: ”I see a woman and it really turns me on.”
Typical Answer: ”Blush.”
Typical Prizes: Trip to an L.A. fast-food restaurant or Club Med.
Raunch Rating: No worse than a racy episode of The Love Boat.