Lightning Force

Proceeding from an exploitive premise — a press release informs us that this action-adventure series is about a ”post-Desert Storm military team” — Lightning Force turns out to be a fairly amusing time waster. In this, it helps that the hero of the show is Wings Hauser, who has made an affable career out of combining macho grimaces with sly winks in scores of B movies.

In Lightning Force, Hauser is Lieut. Col. ”Trane” Coltrane, an ex-Green Beret who’s the leader of a three-person Special Forces unit that includes ”Church” Staples (David Stratton), whom the press release calls ”a rock-‘-n’-rollin’ engineer and demolitions expert”; ”Zeke” Abdul-Rahmad (Marc Gomes), an Egyptian military-intelligence officer; and Joan Jacquard (Guylaine St. Onge), a former French spy and the proud wearer of syndicated TV’s version of Janine Turner’s sexy short Northern Exposure haircut.

Together, this Mission: Impossible-style fantastic four travel the globe rescuing hostages, thwarting terrorists, and bravely furthering the goals of First World imperialism. Lightning Force is solid claptrap because Hauser is never too much of a self-parody, and the writing team includes scribes who provided jokes for the action-adventure spoof Sledge Hammer!, so all the derring-do has a nicely self-deprecating air. C+

Lightning Force
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