Delta Force 3

Boldly emblazoned across the top of the box, the star names practically jump off the video-store shelf: CASSAVETES. DOUGLAS. NORRIS. PENN. Then you get up close and read the first names in the fine print: Nick. Eric. Mike. Matthew. The sons of (respectively) John Cassavetes, Kirk Douglas, Chuck Norris, and director Arthur Penn (along with John Ryan, who has no famous relatives) constitute the commando unit for Delta Force 3. Their mission: Storm the desert stronghold of a Gaddafi-style terrorist and bring him back alive, before his ”messenger of death” can detonate an atomic bomb in an American city. Given the current concern over Middle East nuclear capability, this premise ought to hit red-blooded video viewers right where they live. Alas, the mission is impossibly farfetched, the action stiffly staged, and the second-generation stars poor substitutes for their famous dads. C

Delta Force 3
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