Zsa Zsa Gabor's autobiography -- A list of curious facts mentioned in her new book

1…contemplate the legend of Zsa Zsa Gabor that my enemies have constructed a money-obsessed, diamond-encrusted, feather-brained bitch,” says Zsa Zsa Gabor in the prologue to her new autobiography, One Lifetime Is Not Enough . But skip the philosophy, dahlink, and enjoy the goulash:

Age at her first marriage: 15
Age of her husband at the time: 51
Number of husbands so far: 9
Number of divorces: 8
Number of millionaire marriage proposals she turned down: 4
Number of sexual proposals she turned down: 12
Number of priests she turned down: 1
Number of Warren Beatty propositions: 1 (She declined.)
Number of stepsons she had affairs with: 1
Number of months she dated ”Jack” Kennedy: 6
Number of times she slept with Frank Sinatra so he would move his Cadillac out of her driveway: 1
Number of pages devoted to her five-year marriage to Michael O’Hara: 1
Number of times diamonds are mentioned: 55
Number of times she compares herself to Elizabeth Taylor: 4
Number of cups of coffee she drinks daily: 20
Number of minutes she swims nude daily: 30
Price her bra and panties from Lili fetched at an MGM auction: $7,000
Age she thinks of herself as: 21
Actual age: 72